Imperial Guard Cavalry


Just felt like sharing some pics of these guys, only put together recently.  Call me old fashioned but I love the idea of cavalrymen in the Guard, but I’ve never been a huge fan of the figures (besides, they were always expensive for what they were – even for GW!)


I’ve had a few goes at making my own from kit bashing and conversions (the less said about my ill-fated ‘biker lancers’ the better!) and I think these are the best I’ve managed so far.


The mounts and legs are from Wood Elves, the lances come from Dark Elf spearmen (I’m using the bodies for other projects…), the torsos and one arm come from plastic Cadians and the heads are from the new plastic Stormtroopers – I love the moustaches!






For the colour scheme I’ve always favoured blue for cavalrymen and went for a silvery body armour to be reminiscent of a Napoleonic-style cuirass.  Not 100% about the red berets/pauldrons but when I tried them in black the figure looked a bit dull, and this dark red ties them in with the rest of the army (I use Dark Angel Green for tunics to be a bit Wermacht-y but I like Mechandrite Red for facings etc)



They took a fair bit of fiddly work but I’d like a slightly larger unit of them – yet another thing to occupy my precious time!