For those who’ve not already seen this on Facebook – I thought I’d put up some pictures from the launch this weekend.



Overall it went well, though I’ll be booking a shorter slot next time I think:  We had plenty of people turn up but because it was a three hour slot and a fairly small launch, some stayed throughout, some came early and left after a while, some came later and left at the end.  The upshot of which meant the room was never completely full and there was a fair bit of hanging around (luckily we  had sweets!).




I was pleased with the turnout overall, the raffle went very well, and I thought the map Rosie put together and the figures my father donated made a nice touch – people seemed to like them anyway!


Credit to Kevin for his photography etc and of course, a big thanks to everyone who came along to support.  I have to say it was a surreal experience signing books and hearing my work read aloud…


But I think I could get used to it!